Hellfest 2015 (FRA)

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    - Rise Against
    NOFX übernehmen den Slot.

    "Due to a family members recent passing, Rise Against unfortunately has to cancel their performance this Sunday at Hellfest in Clisson, FR. The band thanks all their fans in advance for understanding, and will be back on the road Tuesday in Rouen, FR at Les 106."
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    It was fucking fantastic! \m/
    Faith no more <3 <3
    Snot <3 <3
    Shining <3 <3
    Mastodon \m/

    I already have my ticket for next year!
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    ehrliche Bilanz:

    "Our 10th edition is already finished, our « warriors » are working hard to clean up the site of the festival. We would like to thank each and every one of you for this mighty edition, which draws a mark on Hellfest’s history !

    You were 150.000 « metalheads » from all countries and styles, and drank more than 2.600 hectoliters of beer (another record !)

    For a better organisation in 2016, we would like to hear your critics (both positive and negative). Thus you are welcome to tell us what you think about this edition.

    However, we also knew that there were some problems during this week-end, and to silence rumors, here are some precisions :

    - Mainstages : sound issues happened on the mainstages during some shows. Despite the intervention of our « Hell’ectronicians », the power supplies went down, due to electrical overload. We apologise for this unpleasant situation. We also promise to take all the measures to avoid this problem next year.

    - Cashless : some of you got problems with your cards. Our team of volunteers has taken time to check every situation and find a solution. Cashless – as we said before the festival – was effective for bars (alcohol and alcohol-free) and Hellsnack (near the wheel and at the Altar/Temple Bar), but Merch, Extrem Market and other food places were not concerned by the cashless system. If you still have money on your card, you could use it next year with no problems.

    - Warzone : the tiniest stage of the festival was a victim of its success for many shows… We understand that the area is too small, but we are at the limits of our expansion on the technical point. However we are working on a new solution about this stage, which represents the roots of the festival. Concerning Body Count, the band was not available for an another slot on the running order, and we already booked the bands on the mainstages when we added Body Count to the line-up.

    - NOFX : due to the cancellation of Rise Against earlier on the week before the festival, we had the information on sunday afternoon that NOFX would play on Rise Against’s slot. Despite announcement on the official App, social networks and at the Hellcity Square, some of you missed the show and we feel very sorry for you. We are working on a more effective information system inside the festival.

    Moreover, we inform you that we will post a probe about the food places, to know what you think about it and what we could improve.

    We thank you all again for your support, see you in Hell on the June 17th, 18th and 19th, 2016

    Hellfest Crew.

    PS : don't forget to watch our official pictures !"
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    Best firework ever in a festival!
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    Hallo an alle [​IMG]

    ich habe mit einem Kumpel Tickets für das Hellfest 2016. Aber das Problem ist, das wir noch nicht wissen, wie wir hinkommen sollen.
    Fährt jemand in der Nähe von Berlin/Brandenburg (oder auch weiter weg^^) nach Frankreich oder hat einen super Tipp, wie wir am besten und günstigsten nach Frankreich kommen [​IMG]

    Liebe Grüße
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